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Crazy Carls Photo Blog By Chris Jolly…

Words are really damn hard to describe this place. Off the beaten path, down a dirt road, deep in the woods is a place only known to the Floridian locals as “Carl’s”. One of the craziest concoct ramps on this side of the crusty coast, Carl’s has death corners with sections of wood missing, holes all over the place, and what looks like a torn down skatepark spread all around the compound. It almost looks unoccupied and we can neither confirm or deny that. Bring bug spray because this spot is deep in the woods where the damn grizzlies live. Make your way to Florida and ask the locals if they know where Carls is. You might get lucky…


pat brown - nosepick pv bowlPat Brown- Nosepick


billy bs smith extensionBilly Fortier-BS Smith Extension


pat b- vack lip low to high carlsPat-Back Lip to Extension


Billy Fortier- 5050 death corner carlsBilly-5050 Around Death Corner


Pat Brown- boneless carlsPat-Boneless


Billy-foot plant carlsBilly-Footplant


pat b- danny way gap carlsPat- Sending the Danny Way Gap


billy r r skate ranchBilly- DECKED Rock and Roll


Words/Photos by Chris Jolly

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