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Low-Res April 2021 with Taylor Ballard

Taylor is a wildly talented photographer, an exceptional human & can skate tranny big enough to make your local ramp champ tremble in his britches. Feast your eyes:

Eli WIlliams with that good ol’ McBonelessington at Potato.

You see that recent Krux ad? Slappy krook down a mountain? Travis Harrison ain’t playing games, especially not with this roof hubba back grind.

The Scram Earth Skii’er himself, Nolan Johnson, alley oop slobbing to the outer reaches of the atmosphere.

This pool looks tasty–Keenan Witte backside boneless in Seattle.

They may be our sworn competitors but god damn is their park fun. Tamara Iturra with a wallie north in Redder’s domain.

G Park, frontside, screaming emoji, what else could you want from a photo? Steven Lamharzi frontsiding away. Kid’s a ripper.

Flaco’s got big piffs and big grinds. Stevie Perez took this grinder to a disaster on the curb & still caught the rollaway.

Last but not least, Jesse Lindloff with a judo that would make Bruce Lee shed a tear of pride.



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