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Epic spots, skaters you’ve never heard of, great cinematography, all put together in a country you may or may not be able to point out on a map; that is exactly what Santiago, Chile’s Matias Henriquez new full length “Requiem” brings you. I’ve been traveling to Chile off and on since I was 16 and am always taken back by how amazing the skate scene is out there. Check out this video and you just may find yourself wanting to plan your next skate trip to Santiago.


Words by Taylor Ballard


· Ignacio Hugel.

· Alan Gonzalez.

· Bastian Galleguillos.

· Rafael Galaz.

· Diego Riquelme.

· Derek Valderrama.

· Ronald Ramirez.

· Amaru Maturana.

· Carlos Chilet.

· Benjamin Navarrete.

· Osvaldo Palma.

· Juan Carlos Aliste.

· Taylor Ballard.

· Pablo Riquelme.

· Tamara Iturra.

· Patricio Vargas.

· Gonzalo Miranda.

· Renato Millar.

· Benjamin Vergara.

· Jose Flores.

· Pedro Rodriguez.

· Jose Cantillana.

· Carlos Pino.

· Gaspar Giadach.

· Giuseppe Maraldi.

· Lucas Cariman.

· Sebastian Robledo.

· Joaquin Bravo.

· Ignacio Jimenez.

· Scarlett Aska.

· Valentina Petric.

· Charlotte Reyes.

· Alejandro Camo Caceres.

· Oscar Whipple.

· Derek Hernandez.

· Simon Deprez.

· Gabriel Torres.

· Matias Parra.

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