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Orchard Skateshop Girls Night Session…

Orchard Skate shop teamed up with New England’s Female Skateboarding-NEFS for a ladies session at the Birds Nest Bowl. Girls ranging in ability attended the session. Everyone walked away with a new trick whether it was learning how to pump a bowl to front side smith stalls. A huge thank you to Armin at Orchard for providing the opportunity to outnumber the guys, Joe for shooting the shit and taking photos, Rob at Lowcard for always putting clothes on our ladies backs, and everyone who’s supporting NEFS. We’re looking forward to more Birds Nest sessions! For more info on NEFS, follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @Newenglandsfemaleskateboarding #damngirlyouskate.


Photos by Joe Makarski
Article by Stephanie Lavita


Alexandria Jo, Rock Fakie.


Ennie Joseph, Bs Edger.


Jennie Joseph, Fs Disaster.


Maya Volpacchio, Fs Smith.


Maya Volpacchio, Rock N’ Rock.


Stephanie Lavita, Fs Grind.


Stephanie Lavita, Fs Slob.


Stephanie Lavita, Fs Grind.


Tracey Ponte, Bs Grind.


Tracy Ponte, Bs Smith.


Tracy Ponte, Fs Disaster.


Tracy Ponte, Kickflip.

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