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Photos from the filming of Ryan Maddox’s “Chapped Film ‘Em All”…

“I collaborated with 31 skateboarders, 3 illustrators, 1 painter, 1 screen printer, 2 major skate magazines, and 1 additional filmer to bring you the newest installment in the CHAPPED series: “Film ‘Em All”…
5 months of my life were wrapped up into approximately 26 minutes. Although it’s impossible to show you everything, I’m confident that this film and photos represent what makes me happy, better than anything else I can show you. The feeling of excitement and wonder and joy as each of the clips and photos were captured… togetherness. brother and sisterhood. Real family. I can honestly say when this is going on, I am truly happy. There is no depression. There is no anxiety for these 26 minutes. There is only sweat, and pain, and frustration, and success, and elation, and celebration, and blood, and adventure, and cops, and amazement, and best of all… friendship. Here are a few of my favorite photos I shot for this project…dvds and zines available soon…”

Jake Johnson_Albuquerque NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Jake The Jeweler took me to all kinds of big, Albuquerque ditches. Each one had a different personality, and this one was revisited by a few others like Squints and Mike Dominguez. Here’s Jake getting the first clip of the video, ollie over ladder to noseslide.
Jake Johnson_mute plant_ABQ NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Jake The Jeweler used a bucket of bondo to make this happen.
Jake Johnson_bikepath ledge back five o_Albuquerque_NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Although he is a certified Ditch Witch, you can find him on the bike path every now and again.
Diego noseblunt ditch chapped
Quit your job and play in ditches. Diego Alvarado didn’t show up to his job in El Paso that weekend, and got this nose blunt in the Cueva ditch with the boys.
Diego Alvarado_slob_Palmers Pool_Albuquerque NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Pool party? But I wanted a cool party!
Diego Alvarado_front invert_Alamosa park_Albuquerque NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Albuquerque locals know how gnarly this pocket is, but Diego made this fs invert look easy, knocking it out 5 times for multiple video angles and photos.
Diego Alvarado_wallride 5050_Lucas Beaufort
After Diego got this wallride 5050 and bomb into the tunnel, I sent a print to Lucas Beaufort in France for some acrylic touch ups. They both killed it, and I get to frame this shit.
Baby burque drop in
The kids are alright. Baby Nate took this one in, shot out and got broke by a bus. Then took my board and nailed it a few times for video and photos.
Eli Williams_one foot good buddy_hazard county skatepark_ATL Georga_photo Ryan Maddox
While on Christmas break from work, I traveled cross country to the dirty south. I’d been wanting to skate with Eli Williams for over a year, and he was no disappointment. The rain killed our street spot goals, but we made it happen at Hazard County Skatepark.
Eli Williams_judo_hazard county skatepark_georgia_photo Ryan Maddox
Eli blasting at Hazard.
Troy Gonzales_Eubank Pool_ABQ NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Troy Gonzales fucking rips. Ask him to do a sweeper, trust me.
Stefan Ambrogio_Eubank pool_ABQ NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Stefan Ambrogio is something of a local legend in Albuquerque. Here he is at Eubank Pool laying back a dirty grind over the death box.
Stefan Ambrogio_FSA_Palmers Pool
Legend has it Stefan once ate a baby, giving him the local nickname, the “Baby Eater”.
Mike Dominguez_f nose rail_Albuquerque NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Mike Dominguez, Albuquerque’s diamond in the rough, pops high for this nosegrind.
Bryant Chapo took the last section in the video. He’s fucked.
Bryant Chapo_kickflip ditch gap to flat_Albuquerque NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Chapo blew my mind launching out of a ditch and flipping over this wall. The clip is fucked!
Michael Sanchez_wallride yank_Albuquerque NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Watching Michael Sanchez pull shit like this over and over and over was definitely a highlight to making this video.
Michael Sanchez_fifty cherry picker_Albuquerque NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Skate everything.
Michael Sanchez_big stinky_Albuquerque NM_photo RYAN MADDOX
Michael sent it for this one….three times. I can smell it from here. You’re fucking nuts Michael!

All Provided by Ryan Maddox…

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