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Dude, check out the attached pic; you’ve been e-mooned!! haha. I came down so hard–I’m lucky I missed my tailbone. That fucker continues on down the back of my leg, too. When it happened, it swelled up like 1/2 a basketball; went to the hospital and got some Percocet and anti-inflamatories. Now I got a “hematoma” on my cheek, like a grapefruit full of of blood lumping off of me. 2-1/2 weeks later, had it drained last week, instant relief for like 4 hours… Shit filled right back up. Hurts so fuckin’ bad. Still can’t skate… Whaaaa! Boo fuckin’ hoo, right?! Pay to play, brutha, pay to play… J.J. Wollak Minneapolis, MN


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