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Greatest Rips: 2017 Independent Trucks Team…

Indy mashed together all their team clips from 2017 into one gnarly edit, get sparked!

It’s been a Hell of a Year to say the least… With all of the footage the Indy Team has put out this year, we decided to throw it all on a chopping block and give you the best of the best all in one edit. Kimbel, Winkowski, Raybourn, Kowalski, Reynolds, Kremer, Trujillo, Collins, Gravette, Mountain, Kader…the list goes on. Hit “Play” and take some time to process all of the Greatest Rips from 2017. BIG THANKS to the Indy Team, Filmers, Photographers, Managers, and everyone we’ve crossed paths with this year. See you on the Road in 2018!

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