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Third Season Montage

Just in time for early December. Our man Ed Gutierrez comes in with a rad edit from a place with real weather. Featuring Xavier Clements, Cody Premo, and more.

Xavier Clements
Cody Premo
Benji Ross
John Quattrini
Jordan Bill
Alex Genatowski
Josh Defrance
Deion Cooper
Kevin Masfar
Nate Grzechowiak
Nick Duclos @dicknuclos -instagram
Caleb Shank @calebfoxshank -instagram
Eric Gouldman @ankleroll -instagram
Dustin Dragon
Spencer Brennan
Corey Huber
Dawson Hewatt
Thomas Gumphrey
Dan Corrigan
Christian Miller
Nashua Rosales
Abram Hastie

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