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Washington/Jefferson Summer Jam…

The Annual Washington/Jefferson Summer Jam 2019 went off! Check out the recap from all the madness that happened at the Dreamland Skatepark in Eugene, OR.


Aiden Caruth_Frontside Crailslide

Aiden Caruth, Fs Crailslide. (Cover: Fs Ollie)


All photos by Matt Helstab.

Big E Smalls, Asher _ Jordan

Big E Smalls Asher Jordan


Christelle Auzas_Frontside Grind
Christelle Auzas, Fs Grind


Elijah Akerley _ Drew Bieschke
Elijah Akerley & Drew Bieschke


Elijah Akerley_Bastard Plant
Elijah Bastard Plant


Elijah Akerley_Frontside Hurricane 2
Elijah Fs Hurricane


Eve Kessinger - Youngest Ripper
Eve Kessinger Youngest ripper


Frank Castanette_Frontside Nosegrind
Frank Castanette Fs Nosegrind


Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy Anderson


Josh Matthews
Josh Matthews


Keanan Hinton_Frontside Blunt 3
Keanan Hinton, Fs Blunt


Mad Scott_Frontside Grind 4
Mad Scott, Fs Grind


Renette Hammer
Renette Hammer


Rubie Winterburn 2
Rubie Winterburn


Sam Dean_Backside Ollie 3
Sam Dean, Bs Ollie


Silas G_Layback 5-0
SIlas G, Layback Five-O


Skyler Grocholski (2)
Skyler Grocholski, Invert


Tristan Yaroscak_Frontside Ollie
Tristan Yaroscak, Fs Ollie

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