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BURNT: A Milwaukee Skateboarding Video


I’ve always found the most fascinating thing about Milwaukee to be that it’s the only major city to have ever elected 3 socialist mayors. Now though, the best thing is BURNT. Enjoy this offering from Wisconsin.


Skaters in order of appearance: Mike Kierzek, Al Rodriquez, Brian Stase, Joe Somers, Josh Chimel, Dave Bonk, Dustin Schweitzer, Vince Stranc, Payne Counihan, Max Murphy, Drew Rickaby, Axel Laureano, Pat Murphy, Drew Gricar, Nelson Torres, Kenny Melendez, Mando Garcia, Mike McCain, Rory Morgan, Alex Keck, Brandon Spantikow, Danny Stemper, Mike Beer, Joey Beaver, Mitch Schmidt, Andre Colbert, Josh Rivera, Tony Manion, Nick Hams, Jake Zuberbier, Donovan Rice, Jon Bartels, Rob Owens, Donnie Moran, Kyle Terbush, Brad Monte

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