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Donovan Rice’s Automatic Teller Machine


Skateboarding is all about bringing your own flavor to the table and Donovan Rice’s blend is something we all have yet to taste. Bringing his fun and hectic style to a number of obstacles, some of which most wouldn’t consider skating, Donovan has put a video part together that is truly unique. He doesn’t ever have to worry about anybody jacking his trick at a spot, because everything he comes up with has truly been a creation of his own. So sit back, and enjoy two and a half minutes of the wildest skateboarding you will surely see in the year of our underlord, 2024.


Be sure to give your respects to Donovan Rice over on Instagram, as well as his various sponsors, ATM Click, Acid Wheels, Krux Trucks, Hard Luck, Poler, Portal Dimension, Opus Footware, Plague Hardware, Iron Horse, Pit Viper and Cal Sk8.

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