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Three’s Company


Filmed and Edited by Jeremy Riggs ‘Three’s Company’ started during the pandemic in March of 2020 and ended filming in October 2022. My friend Kraig Sharp came up with the title one day while we were out skating and it made sense because I knew I had wanted to work with 3 friends on full parts and have a traditional ‘Friends’ section as well.  We’re just your average group of friends that try to have a good time and keep the stoke of pure skateboarding thriving in our hometown just like past generations did for us when we were starting out. I hope my contribution of love to the skateboarding community here helps pave the way for the next generation of rippers in Louisville, KY.


Special thanks: My girlfriend Heather Lush, Home Skateshop, Lowcard Mag, Kraig Sharp, Matt Holt, Anthony Smith, Gary Hall, Chris Morgan, Daniel Frank, Wade Byard, Ben Snawder, Kyle ‘Kermit’ Allen, Dylan Manley, Cody Hayes, Christian Clark, Dogshit Crew, The Silversnakers, and Southend Militia. I’m sorry for anyone else I forgot to mention.


Cover art by Wade Byard (@wade_byard)


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IG Shoutouts:

Home Skateshop (@Homeskateshop)

Matt Holt (@fvcklilmatt)

Kraig Sharp (@kraigsharp)

Anthony Smith (@stale_spliff)

Jeremy Riggs (@jshredad)


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