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SoljahTape: A Station 6 video by Montez Goldsmith & Aaron Vincent

Ft. Will Donohue, Connor Nett, Archer Zitzer, Montez Goldsmith, Jake Clemmons


“Station 6 isn’t just a clothing company! This is a family! I came up with Station 6 with mindset of creating an environment that we can all simply relate to through skating, music, fashion, and good times. Skateboarding has brought me so many great friends/family & memories that making this was a dedication to all who helped me make a dream possible!


10 toes down, forever and always!Long Live Hustle Grind!, Long Live Merril IHC!”   -Montez Goldsmith






Big Love to My Mom, Aaron Vincent, Louisville skate scene, Home skateshop, Spinellis pizza, Identity customs, Meme-tech printing, and of course LOWCARD! Theodore Maider is the man!!

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