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Crumbsnatchers 3: The Snatch Strikes Back

Crumb 3 was the result of me being insane / completely finishing Crumb 2, then
listening to the soundtrack in my car until I hated it and proceeding to re-edit the
whole video.

So in that time I was still filming and had too much footage for one video – it grew
into the final chapter of the crumb trilogy. Again mostly filmed in Louisville, KY and
NYC, plus trips to Puerto Rico and Upstate with the Rochester crew, with a few
chance clips in Moscow and LA.

Shout out to Bart Jones – he’s doing a lot better than he was in his monologue. I
think a lot of us have been there – Congrats to his new Family!

The original Crumbsnatchers Video 

Hoochino Full Length video filmed in Louisville, KY 

Instagram: @eatsomefood

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