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Low-Res with Joshua James, May 2021

Blessing the interwebs this month is Tacoma, Washington’s Joshua James with a badass selection of tasty maneuvers from all around the west coast.

Talk about a huck! When your homie is front shuving above the powerlines, you know shit is getting real–James Sampson in Long Beach.

Your favorite skater’s favorite skater, Mike Patterson, takes a wall ride nollie at a staple Seattle spot.

@not_decked is probably going to have something to say about Mike’s front rock here, but what are you supposed to do when there’s not a deck? How can one deck an undeckable obstacle? Oververt deck? Deck to the Nth degree? Anti-deck?

Legend has it Nels “Gnarls” Rosen tumbled out the womb & actually sliced his own umbilical cord with this feeble grind.

What were you doing at this age? Probably picking your nose & eating glue. Definitely not ollieing over double-set rails like Gnarls.

The grown-up version of the last flick–Jonathan Wicklander, Kelso, WA.

You must be in Southern California if where you’re skating is littered with Lulu Lemon-ass folks. Aaron Johnson swerves the lames & handles a grate frontside flip in LBC.

Classic trick, classic form, Zack Hutt grazes the sky with this tre flip in Tacoma.

I’m going to go out on a limb & say that I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of seeing frontside flips on some DIY tranny. Brilliant execution by Bryan “Nasty” Krasovetz.

If you took Khris McNealty’s silhouette from this kickflip it’d be on par with Jordan’s body language mid dunk. Get this dude on a shoe!!!

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