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Eight08 Lately Ep. 19…

These dudes are always going full blast. Jump in with the Hawaiian madness

We get things popping in Episode 19 first with my toe in a birthday doubles collision with Bday bro, Larry Warnken! Go caveman styley down the Petrie 11 with the bearded Willie D, hit some new DIY ditch creations on the Windward side of Oahu, go top of the wall with Mikey Albert at Keolu skatepark, ledge dancing with 808 Skate riders Mike G and Kevin Oshea, and finish it off on the bump to bar at Kalaheo high school! Thanks to Josh Ruubs and Justine Albert for the contribution of footage! Stitches are out from the toe, so lets shred Hawaii!

music: Twit One-Thai Wallah

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