Highwater Skateboards – Four, Five, Six…

The Highwater Skateboards team comes blazing through that East Coast gritt in their newest film “Four, Five, Six”

Featuring: Jon Mcparland Hunter Rennie Luca Ettore Cody Vaillant Nick Gavotsos Josh Foisey Cole Doherty-Crestin Brendan Adams Paul Remy Mike Miller Brad Larsen Ryan Hall Jordan Mcclish Nate Nowland Paul Magrey Justin Koziol Eric Abo Adam Moulton Tim Rioux Jordan Vieira Andrew Milicia Ryan Herron

Filmed by: Josh Foisey Brad Larsen Ryan Hall Ethan Como Mikey Mazzarese Cody Vaillant Ryan Herron Justin Koziol Jordan Vieira Ronny Krueger

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